Annual Day - Introduction Ceremony


Annual Day is a fiesta full of happy faces , students from all the four houses combat against each other to win the title of the “Winners”, this tug is between – Vayu , Jal , Prithvi and Akash house displaying the finest talents from all the houses. 

An exhibition of distinctive dance performances were paraded in front of a large audience. These performances were based on various themes which were skillfully performed by the students. This grand endeavor by the students was witnessed by none other than our own Home Minister- Mr Bala Bachchan Sir, who graced the event by being an integral part of the show! His words of wisdom showed the light of guidance to the students and inspired them to believe that all the power lies right within oneself.

We were highly honored to be able to host a personality like Mr Bala Bachchan sir. A man with a golden heart and words of sheer honesty.

The theme based performances earned applause from the crowd and the guest of honour,the performances  won the hearts of all the viewers present on the campus.

Indeed! A great show was put up by all the four houses!